Friday, March 26, 2010


To those who have a relatives in the Philippines who take the BAR exam here is the link where you can view the result for 2010 examination. Good Luck!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Robert Culp Death: the “I Spy” actor dies at 79

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Robert Culp, of the 60s TV series “I Spy” fame, died March 24 at a L.A. hospital after he suffered a fall outside his Hollywood home. He was 79.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the hugely popular TV actor was out for a walk in his neighborhood when he suddenly fell down and hit his head in the fall. A fellow jogger noticed Culp and called the police. Culp was declared dead shortly after he was taken to Queen of Angels hospital in Los Angeles.

Culp began his career at Broadway and acted on stage and in films sporadically. But his claim to fame rests mainly as a TV actor. His role as Kelly Robinson on “I Spy,” aTV series to run for three years starting from 1965 on NBC and in which he plays, along with Bill Cosby, a secret agent, is regarded as his best achievement. He was nominated for three consecutive Emmy awards for the role, but each time Cosby walked away with the honour for his role in the same series.

His other famous TV appearances include his roles as FBI agent in “The Greatest American Hero” and as Ray Romano’s father-in-law in “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missing Purdue student's body found in car

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) - The body of missing Purdue student Patrick Trainor was found inside a vehicle that was pulled out of a retention pond Wednesday afternoon. The pond is located within the gated community of Breakwater.

At a press conference Wednesday, Sgt. Randy McFarland of the Fishers Police Department said investigators monitored surveillance video shot from the entrance of the neighborhood and noticed that Trainor's vehicle was seen entering the neighborhood but never leaving.

The pond is very near the home where Trainor attended a party Saturday night. That was the last place he was seen alive ( scroll down below the story to view a map detailing the location of the pond and the location of the party)

Trainor was driving his 1999 electric green Ford Mustang that night. Police say the license plate on the car found in the pond matches his vehicle.

Police have contacted Trainor's family. They have since arrived near the area.

Crews have been searching several areas over the past four days searching for any leads to his whereabouts.

A candlelight vigil has been set up for Patrick Trainor. It will be held at Purdue University at the Sagamore Ridge Apartments at 2501 Soldiers Home Road Wednesday night from 7:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alexis Pilkington died at field

Alexis Pilkington a 17 year old girl is a member of All Country West Islip Girls Soccer Team. She is a soccer player and stands out among the other players. According to the latest reports bitter strain on field causes Alexis Pilkington death.

Alexis Pilkignton is an promising female soccer player, collapsed on the pitch during an NCAA Division IA Football Championship game. Tim Horan director of West Islip Athletic said that the news of Alexis Pilkington death was devastating and her death was mourned by lot of people.

Alexis, known to be an ‘Lexi’ by her teammates. Alexis wants to earn scholarship for college by using soccer skills but the dream was broken sadly. She was very energetic and jaunty in the diversion of soccer.
Recently her team won the Long Island high school soccer championship and she lead her team very well in that competition. Alexis Pikington death investigation still in the process.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Carla Moran Story

Carla Moran was said to be just a fictitious name of a woman who really lived to experience whatever it was that was stated in the book entitled "The Entity".

The story of Doris Bather (aka Carlotta "Carla" Moran) became well known during the 1970s. It was said that during 1974 she was visited by ghosts who attacked her. It was said that the visits came about in average three per visit with a powerful entity being their leader. She then became a victim of repeated violent attacks that seemed to be rape.

due to this attacks she sought psychiatric help and while in a bookstore incidentally met Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor who were parapsychologists specializing in haunted house and poltergeists.

Taff and Gaynor volunteered to investigate the said case and took pictures of her home both when the said ghosts were there and when they were not. The pictures taken when the said visitors were there were blurry while the one which were taken when they were absent were clear. After the said visit of Taff and Gaynor the visits became minimized and Bither then relocated to Texas (however she was still visited from time to time and was sexually assaulted). She was later diagnosed with cancer.

During an interview by George Noory to Barry Taff, on Coast to Coast AM November 17, 2006, it was confirmed that Bither had died July 24, 2006 from multiple myeloma. This ended research in the attacks.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Published Date: 23 February 2010

EX-PARATROOPER and care home millionaire Tony Banks has warned psychologically wounded servicemen from the conflicts in the Falklands and Iraq are in danger of becoming forgotten casualties as Afghanistan continues to command the headlines.
Tony, who served with 2 Para in the Falklands and has since amassed a £50 million fortune through the Forfar-based Balhousie Care Group in Scotland, starred in an episode of Channel 4's 'The Secret Millionaire' last year where he visited Anfield, Liverpool.

He said: "While living undercover in Liverpool I met 29 year-old Lee Sanger, a veteran of the Iraq war who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

"At the end of my visit I personally donated £30,000 to a charity of Lee's choice - he chose 'Combat Stress'."

Tony has continued to support 'Combat Stress' and last month returned to the Falklands with fellow veterans Wayne Rees and Jim Foster.

Tony continued: "Wayne, Jim and I returned to the islands for the first time since 1982 and we walked the route of the Paras' famous 'tab' to Port Stanley.

"We hope to raise £10,000 for the armed forces charity 'Combat Stress' and are well on the way with £5,923 being donated already.

"The awful thing about the Falklands is that more servicemen have died from suicide than from the actual fighting, which highlights the vital work being carried out by charities such as 'Combat Stress'.

"The money we raise will be used to care for British Veterans who have been profoundly traumatised by harrowing experiences during their service career."

The money raised will specifically be used to send patients on adventurous training/outward bounds courses. This helps with their treatment as they build up camaraderie, something that is often missing in their day to day lives.

Many veterans leave the Armed Forces with highly debilitating conditions such as PTSD depression and anxiety disorders.

Their problems can remain masked for years, and they and their families are often struggling to deal with matters at home.

The eight-year occupation of Afghanistan has so far accounted for 261 deaths amongst British servicemen.

The 74 day conflict in the Falklands in 1982 resulted in 255 dead serviceman.

Tony will be appearing in a new instalment of Secret Millionaire, in which he returns to Anfield to assess the effects of his philanthropy.
The programme is due to be screened in April, and will include footage of his 'yomp' across the Falklands.

Tony added: "We're extremely grateful for any donations, especially as every single penny donated will be going to Combat Stress."
Anyone wishing to make a donation to Combat Stress should visit or

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